CCLCS Update 4: Italian Canadians & Digital Archives

I had a good fortune to be invited to Italian Canadian as Enemy Aliens: Memories of WWII, a heritage digital archive initiative funded by the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP), Citizenship and Immigration Canada fund. The project collects and digitally deposits memories of Italian internees in Canada and their family members being affected. A national archives of these memories will be shared with Italian community and public via permanent exhibition housed at the Columbus Centre. An online archive  and on-going virtual exhibit will allow a permanent access to the collection. The story evolves around decision of the Canadian government (authorized … Continue reading CCLCS Update 4: Italian Canadians & Digital Archives

CCLCS Update 2: Non-profit libraries are endangered species

Non-profit libraries are endangered species. Non-profit libraries in languages other than the official country language(s) a financial are unsupported either locally and often, as in our case, by the country whose culture they represent. In fact, a number of institutions  in Canada operating as non-profit library providing primarily a lending service is plain and simple zero. To offset the cost we rely exclusively on a good will of community and volunteers. We have to pay rent, telephone, banking charges and the costs of fundraising. Additionally, we are faced with a slow but steady loss of functional literacy among new generations … Continue reading CCLCS Update 2: Non-profit libraries are endangered species

Infographics for Beginners, Part II

Courtesy of the Knight Digital Media Center (launched in April 2006),  the Center for “competitive fellowships to traditional journalists from print and broadcast media who seek multimedia skill training and want to make the transition to New Media journalism. The goal is to provide the foundation of technical skills and story-telling techniques required by New Media platforms. This training is done at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism under the supervision of Lanita Pace-Hinton, director of multimedia training programs for the Center.” More here: Spreadsheats Basic for Beginners Data Visualization for Non-Programmers Using Spreadsheet Data in Google Maps and Google … Continue reading Infographics for Beginners, Part II