Homeless is My Address, Not My Name

Photograph of George Dillard, age 85, former s...
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This audio and photo exhibition created from conversations with individuals and families experiencing homelessness throughout Minnesota was created by St. Stephen’s Human Services in partnership with the Family Housing Fund and Heading Home Minnesota and its regional partners (on display at the invitation of Senator Al Franken). Stories are accessed by viewers dialing into recordings using their cell phones and feature striking portraits and first person audio recordings of our economically affected neighbours. Individually, these are the stories of suffering and injustice, personal strength and joy and community success. The exhibition was on display from Monday July 11 through Friday July 15, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (Rotunda of the Russell Senate Building, Washington D.C). The Oral History of Homelessness Project was inspired by the 1930s Federal Writers Project which produced the American Folklore Project a collection of thousands of stories, songs, and more to form portraits of various groups of Americans, as well as “Unchained Memories” the collection of 2,300 first-person accounts and photos of former slaves. Please see the Library of Congress for more information on these collections. Canadian Stories – Stepping Forward, by Molly Media Studios Related articles:


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