Improving lives through innovative public library services

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EIFL- PLIP: Public Library Innovation Programme

Thanks to developments in technology public libraries in transitional countries are now able to use these opportunities to provide an open access to knowledge, and to, subsequently, help to increase community standards of living .

The future of libraries by many is seen as an opportunity to merged with ideals of community centres. Libraries have an exposure to community needs and are able  to provide services that will meet these needs.  Yet, in most countries where the need is greatest, public libraries are under-resourced.

EIFL- PLIP: Public Library Innovation Programme support public libraries in using technology to creatively develop innovative services designed to meet the needs of their communities. The three-year, $1.4 million Public Library Innovation Program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation selected and funded 12 innovative library projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America in 2010.

The grantees, a diverse mix of applicants from public library in Bosnia creating a space for children waiting for buses after schools (Zavidovići Public Library, Bosnia and Herzegovina) to using technology to improve lives o farmers in Chile (Panguipulli Public Library no. 296, Chile ) and creating unique depositories of Mayan oral knowledge (Public Libraries Coordination, State of Yucatan, Mexico) or national networks of libraries for blind in Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar City Public Library (UPL), Mongolia ) offer a promise of creating exciting and uplifting community initiatives.

There are, indeed, some shoes that only public libraries can fill.


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